Data-Driven Dialogue, 2nd Edition

Data-Driven Dialogue, 2nd Edition

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    Data-Driven Dialogue, 2nd Edition
    Data-Driven Dialogue: A Facilitator's Guide to Collaborative Inquiry, 2nd Edition
    By Bruce Wellman and Laura Lipton

    This new edition offers school leaders a practical toolkit for developing powerful teams that use data for continuous school improvement. This timely resource presents a three-phase model that builds group capacity for structuring and facilitating collaborative inquiry with and about data and develops shared understandings of both problems and possible solutions. Readers will increase their confidence and skill in facilitating data-driven dialogue by applying these easy-to-follow directions for tools and techniques.

    This second edition includes: An enhanced verbal and non-verbal toolkit for facilitating collaborative work as well as tips for learning these tools and applying them to your work; an updated references and resources section with links to current research on group development and working with data; and additional strategies and protocols for productive group work with links to downloadable recording sheets and PowerPoint« direction slides.

    This is the guide for educators committed to data-driven planning processes that develop shared responsibility for continuous improvement in student learning.

    Charlotte, VT: MiraVia, LLC, Copyright 2017, Softcover, 212 pages, ISBN 978-0-0-9665022-9-9