Stretching Your Learning Edge: Growing (Up) at Work

Stretching Your Learning Edge: Growing (Up) at Work

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    Stretching Your Learning Edge: Growing (Up) at Work

    This is the book for anyone who embraces growth and learning as an individual and as a workplace colleague. You will find an introspective view of personal development and an insightful foray into the potential for influencing groups. This book offers research-based tools and templates to guide the journey towards becoming ones best self. The book is organized by five facets of personal and professional growth:

    Facet #1   Know your identity
    Facet #2   Suspend certainty
    Facet #3   Take responsibility
    Facet #4   Engage in reciprocity
    Facet #5   Build resiliency

    A chapter devoted to each facet defines that quality along a continuum of stages with a correlated self-assessment and exercises to stimulate insight and learning. Rich, contextual examples and anecdotes enhance the understanding and relatability of each facet and adult development as a whole.

    A practical resource for self-study and professional development, this book provides engaging text, web resources, and video links. Clear directions and support materials for implementing each exercise enhance the usability of this book, reduce preparation time for busy professionals, and maximize the learning potential for all readers.

    About the author 
    Jen Abrams is an experienced educator whose career has led her from a 26-years with the Palo Alto (CA) School District to leading professional development seminars all over the world. Author of multiple books and articles, Jen works in education, health care, and corporate settings and shares wisdom and resources in her monthly blog, Voice Lessons.

    Find out more on her website:

    Jennifer Abrams
    Burlington, VT: MiraVia, LLC, Copyright 2021
    ISBN 978-0-9981770-3-8
    Softcover, 144 Pages

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