Mentoring Matters, 3rd Edition

Mentoring Matters, 3rd Edition

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    Mentoring Matters, 3rd Edition
    Mentoring Matters: A Practical Guide to Learning-Focused Relationships, 3rd Edition
    By Laura Lipton and Bruce Wellman

    An invaluable reference for mentors of beginning teachers, this guide offers structures, strategies,
    and tools for developing expertise in teaching and launching a career of continuous learning.
    The updated and revised Third Edition adds new tools for time-efficient, effective learning-focused conversations, including templates for problem-solving conversations that balance support with learning Tons of tips for maximizing time and attention and extensive resources for understanding and supporting each phase of a new teacher's first years. This new edition incorporates the growing importance of linking teaching and learning standards to developing professional expertise, including:

    -Methods for applying specific teaching and learning standards as a focus for teacher growth
    -Tools for using data to calibrate practice and set learning goals
    -Nine strategies for learning-focused consultation with specific "mentor moves" to apply them
    -Specific examples related to ensuring inclusive, student-centered classrooms
    -Links to online resources, including videos and self-directed tasks to strengthen and stretch both new teachers and their mentors

    This new book focuses on mentor learning with Awareness and Action exercises in each section, QR codes to video examples illuminating the mentor's toolkit and a host of means to support a mentor's emerging knowledge and skill.

    Charlotte, VT: MiraVia, LLC, Copyright 2017, Softcover, 160 pages, ISBN 978-0-09981770-0-7