Thinking to Learn, Learning to Think

This seminar presents concepts, approaches, and practical tools that develop students’ thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making skills. Each session offers classroom-tested strategies for teaching the skills and dispositions for higher level thinking with and about important content ideas and concepts.

Topics Include:

Planning cognitively rich instruction

Develop skills for analyzing the cognitive demands of content area instructional tasks. Learn to apply templates for embedding thinking processes within lesson and unit designs.

Using graphic organizers and visual tools

Explore and apply a wide variety of graphic organizers related to specific thinking processes. Learn methods for applying these powerful visual tools to guide, enhance, and assess student thinking.

Facilitating and energizing class discussions

Refine your verbal and nonverbal toolkit for engaging student thinking and energizing classroom discussions. Learn ways to develop these discourse skills with your students.

Developing student metacognition

Explore the power of the metacognitive skills that drive higher levels of student performance in all aspects of learning. Learn content specific strategies and resources for building and extending student success.