Keynote PresentationsEffective keynotes energize and inspire. The goal of our presentations is to stimulate a dialogue that continues long after the day’s events.


Creating Communities of Thought: Enhancing Social Capital
High-performing teams develop the collective attention and focus necessary to address the accelerating complexity of information flow about student learning needs, curricula, and assessment data. This engaging keynote offers background theory and practical ideas for creating thoughtful, thought-filled learning communities.

The Future of Learning – Ready or Not, Here it Comes
The future finds us whether we are ready for it or not. Personally, and organizationally, we need to learn to anticipate possible futures to better prepare for both expected and unexpected trends and events. This provocative keynote explores the tensions and possibilities for investigating the interplay between the driving forces of change, and offers tools for anticipating and envisioning possible futures based on current trends.

Professional Community Doesn’t Just Happen
This interactive keynote presents key questions about organizational change and group dynamics. We will explore four tensions that arise as colleagues relate to one another and to their work; and offer strategies, structures, and tools for skillfully navigating these predictable interpersonal undercurrents.

Four Barriers to Data-Driven Decision Making
Decision making is not rational. Without the tools and structures for productive engagement, teams avoid decisions as a way of avoiding conflict. This stimulating presentation poses four barriers to effective, collaborative, data-based decision making and offers resources and strategies for proactively engaging these naturally occurring behaviors.

Growing Teachers: Five Spheres of Expertise (From Novice to Expert Practice)
Professional expertise is built upon clear standards and shared expectations about the components of effective practice. Drawing from the emerging research on expertise, this presentation illuminates five spheres of expert teaching and ways in which supervisors, coaches, and instructional specialists can apply developmentally appropriate strategies for producing teacher growth. Specific examples and opportunities for application and interaction will be interspersed throughout the session.

The Four Qualities of Learning-focused Supervision
Quality feedback changes supervision from an obligation to an opportunity to learn. This keynote frames learning-focused supervision as a growth-oriented process encompassing four essential qualities: developmental, standards-driven, data-based and customized. In this interactive session, you will explore these qualities, relate them to your current practice, and enhance your skills as a learning-focused supervisor.