Mira (mir•a) L.wonderful, amazing   Via(vei•a) L. way or road

In 1596, German astronomer Fabricus saw a third magnitude star in the constellation Cetus. As they continued to observe it throughout the next century, astronomers became aware of its unusual fluctuations, now brighter, now fading, and honored it with the name, Mira, the Wonderful.

As an organization dedicated to continued development for professionals, we connect the constancy of presence and fluctuating brightness with the learning process. We believe that learning means working through the temporary dullness of not knowing, while pursuing the brilliance of new understanding. Our name, and our philosophy, combines this wonder of learning, Mira, with Via, or the road. Our publications, products, and seminars offer pathways to professional insight and growth.

Founding partners, Laura Lipton and Bruce Wellman are award-winning authors and consultants whose products, interactive seminars, and keynotes provide educators with the confidence, skills, and methods for enhancing their professional practice. Together with our associates, we create powerful learning experiences providing participants with immediately useful strategies and tools.