Presentation Elegance

This interactive seminar presents practical strategies and innovative ideas for structuring and conducting powerful learning experiences for adults. Based on the three-phase Pathways Pathways Model these sessions offer tested principles of learning and teaching that engage adult learners in meaningful explorations of concepts, ideas, and information. We will explore theory and practice by offering powerful design templates and presentation tools for connecting audiences to you, to one another, and to important content.

Topics include:

Designing learning
Increase audience engagement by developing outcome driven not content driven presentations. Learn how to design learning-focused presentations organized by clear goals matched to the needs and preferences of adult learners.

Energizing groups and supporting information processing
Increase your repertoire of strategies for focusing the productive energy of group members. Learn a variety of individual, small, and large group strategies that support high levels of engagement and meaning making by participants. Refine your knowledge and skills for creating powerful presentation graphics in both chart and digital forms.

Managing groups
Expand your acuity and flexibility for monitoring audience members’ interaction with ideas and each other. Learn tips and techniques for addressing challenging topics and challenging situations.

Increasing credibility and confidence
Develop a variety of nonverbal and verbal moves and skills to communicate and simultaneously enhance your credibility and confidence as a presenter. Learn how to identify and break personal patterns that might inhibit you with groups and how to identify and internalize patterns that will support personal presentation excellence.